At the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall at Hillcrest Memorial Park Saturday afternoon June 26, 2008, the hands of Sandra Zeberg, left, and Peggy .Berryman search the names for a high school classmate who was killed in the Vietnam War. "The Wall" (4 of 10)

Veterans of the Vietnam War are encouraged to use ROLL CALL to reconnect with other Vietnam Vets.  This section of the “NAM” PROJECT works in conjunction with the ORAL HISTORIES portion to  encourage veterans to recount their personal experiences while serving in the United States military during the conflict.  This encouragement is an honest effort to honor the living in some way, and as we do so, may we always remember the sacrificial service of the 58,148 men and women who were killed in Vietnam.  Our hope is that the “NAM” PROJECT will—in its own small way—help those who served their country in Vietnam find peace and solace in connecting with others who have shared experiences.

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