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  1. There are several aspects of the website that I find appealing. The easy access to the content materials is my favorite. I especially like the music PLAYLIST and list of movies that pertain to the Vietnam War. Some of the songs I already knew but had no idea it was about the war. I can certainly see and appreciate the incredible amount of detail and research that was put into this project.

  2. This website is very helpful and I love the extra addition of music and book recommendations as well. Those are fun touches that make me more interested in the subject. I appreciate that all the information is in timeline form as well and I was worried that that might make it hard to find information by category without having to scroll through the entire timeline but I noticed the search bar and I find that really helpful as well.

  3. This website is well done and it brings up old memories and feelings. I was in the US Army (1965-1967) and recall many of the themes and songs conveyed. What I like about THE NAM PROJECT is the tremendous amount of work put forth in covering such a dark period in our nation’s history. THE NAM PROJECT serves as a permanent internet depository for new generations to appreciate. It is a historic record without a political point of view, as it should. More importantly, it is dedicated to readers, students, and historians and information seekers in general.

    Jim Hyman – former staff writer for Mike Douglas Show and KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia
    Army Veteran (1965-1967)

  4. Very well put together website. I enjoy the ease of use and the fact that it shows many aspects of the war itself. As an AP US History teacher I am grateful for the abundance of material that I can utilize when I teach about the Vietnam War. My students and I are particularly interested in the ORAL HISTORIES section. It is so impactful to hear actual testimonies of those who fought.

    Kris Jones
    AP US History teacher
    Plano Independent Schools
    Plano, Texas

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