Nixon Cuts Troop Levels by 70K:  Responding to charges by Democratic presidential candidates that he is not moving fast enough to end US involvement in Vietnam, President Nixon orders troop strength reduced by seventy thousand.

Secret Peace Talks Revealed

B-52s Bomb Hanoi and Haiphong:  In an attempt to force North Vietnam to make concessions in the ongoing peace talks, the Nixon administration orders heavy bombing of supply dumps and petroleum storage sites in and around Hanoi and Haiphong.  The administration makes it clear to the North Vietnamese that no section of Vietnam is off-limits to bombing raids.

Actress Jane Fonda arrives in Hanoi, North Vietnam, and began a two-week tour of the country.

Break-In at Watergate Hotel

Kissinger Says “Peace Is At Hand”:  Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho reach agreement in principle on several key measures leading to a cease-fire in Vietnam.  Kissinger’s view that “peace is at hand,” is dimmed somewhat by South Vietnamese President Thieu’s opposition to the agreement.

Nixon Wins Reelection