Operation Cedar Falls Begins:  In a major ground war effort dubbed Operation Cedar Falls, about 16,000 US and 14,000 South Vietnamese troops set out to destroy Vietcong operations and supply sites near Saigon.  A massive system of tunnels is discovered in an area called the Iron Triangle, an apparent headquarters for Vietcong personnel.

Bunker Replaces Cabot Lodge as South Vietnam Ambassador

Martin Luther King Speaks Out Against War:  Calling the US “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world,” Martin Luther King publicly speaks out against U.S. policy in Vietnam.  King later encourages draft evasion and suggests a merger between antiwar and civil rights groups.

Dow Recruiters Driven From Wisconsin Campus:  University of Wisconsin students demand that corporate recruiters for Dow Chemical — producers of napalm — not be allowed on campus.

McNamara Calls Bombing Ineffective:  Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, appearing before a Senate subcommittee, testifies that U.S. bombing raids against North Vietnam have not achieved their objectives.  McNamara maintains that movement of supplies to South Vietnam has not been reduced, and neither the economy nor the morale of the North Vietnamese has been broken.